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Self-Control Predicts Future Life Patterns

Social scientists have found that poor self-control is predictive of a variety of patterns of instability later in life.  For example, children displaying poor self-control during elementary school years are more likely to develop unhealthy behaviors later in life, such as over-eating and smoking.  They have even found poor self-control to be predictive of early mortality, unemployment, poverty, and crime.  Obviously, this highlights the importance of teaching children self-discipline and delayed gratification.

Researchers have found that approximately 30% of 4 year olds already possess adequate self-control skills.  Children who struggle with self-control issues can be taught healthy self-control and self-management skills early in life.  While many people don’t necessarily equate self-management with social-emotional learning, the roots of self-management are in social-emotional learning and character development.  The development of trust, empathy, patience, gratitude, respect, and generosity all contribute to the development of self-management skills and an awareness of the needs of others.  Parents and teachers who model emotional regulation as well as empathy in setting limits help children to strengthen their self-management skills.  In addition, character development opportunities through direct instruction and frequent conversation at school and at home enable children to develop increased empathy for others, increasing self-management skills and positive character strengths.

By Pamela L. Bruening, Ed.D.


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Written for Charity for Change


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