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About Progressive Bridges, Inc.

Progressive Bridges, Inc. (www.progressivebridges.com) offers a comprehensive professional learning network for educators.  In addition to offering live and blended learning opportunities, Progressive Bridges, Inc. offers  collaborative consulting and problem-solving services to school districts, schools, and other organizations nationwide.  Progressive Bridges, Inc. conducts a variety of research for a variety of educational products providing them with a research base for the application of their products in educational settings.  The company also conducts program evaluations for organizations looking to utilize an outside evaluative resource.

Vision:  We recognize education as developing and motivating learning and thinking individuals, extending beyond schools into the local and global community.   We envision systems in which educators are empowered to positively reach every learner.  To accomplish this task, we believe that continuous research, collaborative problem-solving, and creative, progressive solutions are essential.

Mission and Commitment:

Professional Learning Network

We will connect and empower educators with progressive and research-based learning experiences, tools, and techniques to enhance every learner’s educational experience.

Collaborative Consultation & Problem-Solving

We will collaboratively support educators in building progressive systems and tools to fuel solid intervention and rigorous learning.

Research, Development, & Evaluation

We will empower educators with the most current data, research, and information focused on school improvement and student engagement possible.

For more information about Progressive Bridges, Inc., call 239-289-3050 or email pam.bruening@gmail.com.


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